Things to Put in A Journal

โ™ Checklist: Theese are really handy if you are forgetful.

โ™ Bucket List: Write down your hopes and dreams or things you want to do in the future.

โ™ Random Doodles ; If you’re ever bored just draw whatever comes to your mind.

โ™  Music Playlist ; Every month or so , wirte down your favourite songs and then come back to them a year later and listen ;)

โ™ Quote page ; Write down your favourite quotes.

โ™ Stories ; Write down short stories of any genre and make them as interesting as posiible.

โ™  Handy Hacks ; Any tips you come across and want to remember write them down, this would work with school work aswell.

โ™  Dreams ; Record your dreams and come back to them next year. This is what I did in mine ;)




Hey! Iโ€™m so excited to put this on my blog โ€˜cause this is the first time I put legit color on my hair. Not the natural ones. Iโ€™m so crazy about colors! I love colors so much that I try to put it on my nails and on my hair and even on my eyes now. lol yeah, i wear FreshLook contacts in Blue.

I am Going To Dip Dye My Hair Too and I’m Also Starting a New School For 7th Grade! So this Article seems Really Helpful and I’ll definitely try it!!